Customer Review

No More 3 Bids for me...Fine Tree Care is IT!

The first time I had work done by Fine Tree Care, I was completely satisfied. I did shop around, and Fine Tree Care was the most competitive. It was not hard to see why after watching your guys work, and the really special equipment in use. They were in and out in half the time I would have come to expect from other companies. The extra-tall 3-arm bucket truck allows the high work to begin immediately and even reached to the back side of my huge hedgerow of eucalyptus trees. That “short and pokey” telescoping truck gets right underneath trees and in tight spaces that would otherwise be so difficult with the regular trucks. The greatest benefit of all your equipment is that we never had to bother my neighbors by working on their property!

The cleanup was beyond my expectations, and your fellows were friendly and communicated well at every step.

At the time of writing this, Greg and the fellows just finished up another work contract, and honestly, again, exceeded my expectations. Thanks again! No more 3 bids for me...Fine Tree Care is IT!

~ CJ Vandegrift, Sebastopol

I had a fair amount of large pines and oaks that needed to be cut, hauled, and or trimmed in Timber Cove. Daniel came out, inspected the property, gave a fair price and said the job could be done in 1-3 days depending on the size of the crew. They got the job done in one day with a crew of 10+ men. Very impressive. Highly recommend Fine Tree Care. ~ Daniel V., Berkeley, CA