Fine Tree Care - Best-loved Tree Service ~ since 1999

Best Price

Whatever your tree needs, our crews arrive with the right skills and equipment to perform the work properly and in a cost-effective manner for you.  

We offer a wide range of services with common-sense pricing in mind.  Our estimators calculate the skillset, tools and equipment required along with the time required to safely complete the work to an objective specification when determining a fee for service. Whether it’s two skilled laborers with a pickup and a few weed-whackers for an afternoon, general commercial quality pruning, highly detailed perspective pruning of mature estate trees, or heavy technical removals, we consider the relative value of who and what we bring to your property on a given day.  Fine Tree Care intends to offer the best price of any professional tree service company on well-defined work specifications, and to be easy to work with.  Generally, we find that an “apples to apples bid comparison” is not possible in most cases (for homeowners and professionals alike!) due to lack of specificity, objective standards, or clear specification in many industry proposals.  We always appreciate an opportunity to “compare notes” with you, if you believe you can find a better professional service provider.  Keep in mind, Fine Tree Care also excels at the intangibles which reveal themselves throughout our time caring for your trees and property.

Best Value

All tree maintenance is not equal.  While we have a preference for treating your trees properly and providing you with the best long term and multi-measure value, we do all types of work.  

For example, there are many ways to “prune away 20%” of a mature tree’s canopy.  Done brashly with large heading cuts, even a very large Pin Oak tree can be “pruned to specification” in 45-minutes with an aerial lift truck and 15-minutes of chipping.  It only requires 20-30 large cuts.  The cleanup is easy with large pieces to collect.  As contrast, in the same example tree, to perform a 20% canopy reduction by subordination with superior distal lateral removal for terminal apical dominance, secondary complexity reduction by subordination and directional training, with overall canopy density and extension balance, and to prune for perspective viewing, all in a natural aesthetic does cost more because it can require well over 800 thoughtful cuts by an arborist who knows how the tree will respond to the pruning in future years.  This type of pruning is pleasing to human sensibilities, pushes far forward the next service cycle, significantly decreases risk of tree or branch failure, and allows the tree to expend growth energy into forming good architecture and balance.  Good pruning like this is often not noticed by the neighbors…. except for the large buildup of trimmed branches below the tree just prior to the afternoon cleanup.  Fine Tree Care does both types of pruning, and at reasonable cost.  

Best Quality Work

At Fine Tree Care we prefer to work on a time and materials basis for significant trees which have a special importance, usually where these trees are within very personal viewsheds or sightlines.  You can definitely see the difference!  Perspective pruning is indicated when a very high aesthetic is required, often when the sky is visible in the negative spaces between the canopy and branch structure.  We work with you to determine how to shape your views so that you can enjoy your property most.  Our climbers and aerial lift operators work with a spotter who guides the pruning process so that the tree looks it’s best from your favorite morning coffee spot, or evening wine sipping location, or looking up from the hot tub.  Basically, who likes to see a fair job of tree trimming from their second story deck’s outdoor living space each afternoon after a hard day’s work?  We are willing to take the time to get it just right, and to maximize your enjoyment of time spent at home.  We can either prune the tree for the tree, or we can keep you in mind while we prune.  We strive for perfection when requested, and, when sufficient budget is afforded to the task.

Best Customer Experience

Our estimators take extra time to learn what is important to you.  We want to get it right for you and be sure you enjoy the day.  So whether you need us to be quick and cost effective, or take a bit of extra time and attend to the small details, we get to know our clients so that we can anticipate your needs and meet expectations.  Tree trimming and pruning often reveals further details as to how we can best shape your environment for your enjoyment.  Our estimators perform a crew orientation, walk-through, and briefing so that you can relax and let us handle all the details for you.  While our crew leaders and crew members are entirely capable of interacting with you professionally and performing the work correctly in the absence of the estimator, we prefer to have your estimator on site so that any questions can be immediately addressed, and to make sure we are constantly training and raising the bar within the company, and within the industry.  You benefit from this arrangement, and we specialize in providing service from start to finish in the absence of homeowners when necessary.  Many of our clients are busy professionals, or businesses who cannot take time to micromanage a project.

Best Choice

Our hope is that we have built a company capable of earning your repeat business, and your continued trust.  We know that every time we work, it is yet another job interview; for your next service, for the neighbor, and for your friends, family, and business associates.  Our employees are all quite different and unique, and yet they seem to have one common attribute - - - they have an innate understanding of what it is to be a fiduciary for someone, and a desire to do the right thing.  And, acting like a fiduciary for our clients is the core of all our training here at Fine Tree Care.  We strive to offer highly personalized professional services to benefit our clients at bulk prices by building efficiencies into everything we do, and we train and retain the best talent possible to serve your needs.  This takes quite a bit of effort, but we think it’s worth it!  We enjoy the recognition of being independently voted best tree service in Sonoma County.  We hope you will allow us a chance to earn your business, and after getting to know us a bit, grant us the honor of caring for your trees, and you!

"I had a fair amount of large pines and oaks that needed to be cut, hauled, and or trimmed in Timber Cove. Daniel came out, inspected the property, gave a fair price and said the job could be done in 1-3 days depending on the size of the crew. They got the job done in one day with a crew of 10+ men. Very impressive. Highly recommend Fine Tree Care. " ~ Dave V., Berkeley, CA