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Seventeen years ago we moved into a home that sits facing west, on a knoll overlooking an expansive natural landscape, which has blessed us with so many beautiful sunsets. The home sits on an acre of land with a variety of young and mature trees. Over the years several trees have been removed because of poor location, crowding or disease. We have added multiple fruit trees, 2 rows of poplars to protect the orchard from wind, 2 locust trees, a sweet gum and 2 magnolia trees. My housemate who is the “approved” gopher has brought me water to every area I have planted, which by the way is the whole acre.

This year was an exceptional year for the trees, the rainfall supported their growth and they certainly took advantage and grew. The time had come to give my wards a “major haircut” I saw the ad for Fine Tree Care and made the call. As Jeff and I walked the property he listened to the story of the trees and helped me find the words for my wishes and needs, it took over an hour of conversation. I learned tree language from Jeff i.e.; shaping, improving the canopy, supporting for growth and intention. Jeff then walked the property by himself wrote down every detail of our conversation from memory and before he left reviewed his notes with me to ensure he had captured my requests.

The day of the big event arrived with numerous trucks and people filling the driveway. Jeff introduced me to the team. Then the team, myself and Jeff walked the property; everyone with a contract in hand, Jeff reading the concise descriptions for each line item. I was in awe of Jeff’s poetic ability to communicate what I was looking to achieve ie; she wishes to enjoy solitude within this grove of redwoods so open up the center but leave the outer lower canopy closer to the ground. As we made our rounds Jeff noticed a bench that was uneven and hidden by overgrowth of a Cedar. He asked the team when they arrived at this line item to sit on the bench, look out at the view and then shape the tree, turn the bench and locate it for maximum view and privacy. WOW!!!

I am writing this letter one week after Jeff and his amazing team have come and gone. The trees and I are singing the praise of Fine Tree Care. I want to thank Jeff and his team for their care and attention to detail. THANK YOU!!!!

~ Namaste’ Michelle Adelman