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Fine Tree Care did an exemplary job for us this year! We needed a medium sized tree removed, a large towering tree pruned of its dead branches, and a huge 100+ year-old olive tree cleaned and shaped. We called several companies and received many bids, but it wasn't until Jeff spent some time reviewing our needs and walking our property that we knew we had found the right company. Jeff listened to us, advised us, and helped us clarify our priorities. MORE...


The first time I had work done by Fine Tree Care, I was completely satisfied. I did shop around, and Fine Tree Care was the most competitive. It was not hard to see why after watching your guys work, and the really special equipment in use. They were in and out in half the time I would have come to expect from other companies. MORE....

CJ Vandergrift endorses Fine Tree Care


Jeff impressed me with his honesty, directness and attention to detail. Jeff is extremely professional and knowledgeable about forestry practices. His advice about which trees to remove reflected his care for the land and my needs for the project I had planned. Also his concerns and expertise about erosion control during and after the cutting impressed me. The difference in readings by the solar company before and after tree removal was astounding! MORE...

Merilee Murphy endorses Fine Tree Care

Attention to Detail

This year was an exceptional year for the trees, the rainfall supported their growth and they certainly took advantage and grew. The time had come to give my wards a “major haircut” I saw the ad for Fine Tree Care and made the call. As Jeff and I walked the property he listened to the story of the trees and helped me find the words for my wishes and needs, it took over an hour of conversation. I learned tree language from Jeff i.e.; shaping, improving the canopy, supporting for growth and intention. Jeff then walked the property by himself wrote down every detail of our conversation from memory and before he left reviewed his notes with me to ensure he had captured my requests. MORE....

Michelle Adelman endorses Fine Tree Care

I worked with Jimmy from the beginning through to the end of our project. The job was to sculpt and remove several heavy branches of a majestic old live oak that hung over our guest house. Every single member of the crew was knowledgeable and courteous and extremely professional. Every detail of the job was done to my expectation, and then some. I was very impressed with the entire team and the excellent results exceeded my expectations.

If you care about the results and longevity of your tree health and beauty, I highly recommend Fine Tree Care. ~ Eric H. , Santa Rosa CA