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For more information on tree care, please see our guide Tree Care 101.

Trim your trees to keep them healthy, beautiful & safe

There are 3 reasons to trim your trees. Health, Beauty & Safety.

HEALTH: trees depend upon water, nutrients and light. Here in Sonoma County, we have sufficient water and excellent soil. Light influences shape and the balance of a tree canopy. Trees will stretch and grow toward light in a crowded environment, which may cause over-reaching and severe imbalance.

BEAUTY: left alone, trees tend to become heavy with full, dense canopies. In a landscape environment, however we can shape your trees to fit the way you like to enjoy your property. We can create light for other plants, prune for distant views, shape for shade, and create privacy screening without fences.

SAFETY: selective pruning for beauty may fall short of safety goals. Where trees stand in relationship to foot traffic and structures, influences how we trim. Hazard mitigation may override aesthetics when it comes to life and limb.

Sometimes it’s not just your trees that create a hazard. We look at the entire environment when evaluating your property for safety.

Our crew will maximize the health, beauty and safety of trees…you’ll see your landscape as never before. Call Fine Tree Care to enhance the health, beauty & safety of your trees.

Fine Tree Care is a trusted service whether you're home or away when we do our work

When it's Time for you to Play, we get to work taking care of your property

This is our season for hard work, and your season for vacations. We take advantage of this perfect weather just as much as you do!

You can rest-assured that when we walk through your property to assess your needs and preferences, we’re taking detailed notes, and will review all your requests before we start your job. Our goal is your total satisfaction.

Whether we’re grooming your residence or vacation home, you don’t have to be present during the noise of chain saws and chippers to feel secure about our work.

Many of our clients are people with homes in the City who come to Sonoma County on weekends. They hire us to maintain their property all year long...during winter storms... fire season...and for spring clean-up.

We’re proud to have earned their trust…both in the quality of our work and the integrity of our crew. Property maintenance is no longer something they worry about.

Call Fine Tree Care to assess your grounds for fire hazards, tree health, and view restoration. Go ahead, leave for vacation and come home to a neat & tidy yard waiting for you.

Fine Tree Care is grateful for our loyal clients!

Time to Give Thanks!!!

We're grateful for trees that grace our lives & clean our air

At Fine Tree Care, we have a lot of reasons to feel grateful. Our clients need the services we provide because we all live in Sonoma County where trees are in abundance. Those trees provide shelter, fuel, and even freshen the air we breathe as they feed themselves.

We’re fortunate that we make a living nurturing trees for health, beauty and safety. We serve clients with small yards in tight neighborhoods who need to know their trees won't fall on roofs, cars, or people when high winds blow.

And we are called by homeowners on heavily forested steep hills out in the country who are concerned about fires, trees falling during storms & more.

Each person has unique needs, and each situation requires knowledge, skills, and experience.

Thank you, everyone who meets our crew, and appreciates who they are, and the skills with which they take care of your property.

Thank you, everyone who tells us they appreciate our work, and recommends us to others. We appreciate your recommendations.

Thank you, everyone who responds to our ads and picks up the phone to call us. We’re in business because you make those calls for our service.

Please accept our THANKS and enjoy this lovely time of year.

Spruce up for the holidays! Let Fine Tree Care handle your landscape maintenance

Family Time of Year

Let us help you take care of yours.

It's the time of year when we move indoors where it's warm and dry. Before you tuck yourself in for winter, take a look around to see what still needs to be cleaned up outside before winter storms rage.

Do you park your car under a tree? Make sure there are no dead branches that might fall in heavy winds. Did you clean gutters and clear branches from brushing against your roof?

Lots of people tidy up before relatives come for holiday festivities. If you have company coming over, consider improving the appearance of the outside of your home. This not only makes it look better, we can make it safer as well.

Give Fine Tree Care a call. We'll take a look around with you. We might even find the perfect tree for your holiday lights.

"Fine Tree Care knows what they are doing, and they are competent in how they do the work. They are professional and efficient. I like that they are excellent pruners and that they clean up after themselves so I don't have to." ~ Keith H.