Fine Tree Care - In Balance with Nature™

Why hire an arborist?

arborist, (ar·bor·ist) A specialist in the care of woody plants, especially trees.

Much like a physician, an arborist offers the care and treatment that each individual tree needs. They have the specialized training to recognize disease and how to treat it, understand how to guide the growth of a young tree, and provide the means to keep a mature tree stable under difficult conditions--all within the landscape of an actual forest or a city lot.

Pruning trees to maintain or improve their health, beauty and safety or improve the view

  • Remove diseased, weak or dead branches

  • Reduce wind resistance and improve light penetration of the canopy (thinning)

  • Treat damage caused by storms or structural weakness

  • Reveal just the view you want with Perspective Pruning to show features of beauty or obscure unattractive areas

Removing trees that are diseased or pose a risk to safety or utility

  • Obstructing views or solar installations

  • Unstable due to disease, root upheaval, or weak structure (hazard trees)

  • Dense, crowded stands that don't permit desirable trees to thrive

Recommending, Selecting & Planting Appropriate Trees

  • Choosing well-adapted species for the area

  • Selecting for the right characteristics such as height, fruit, & level of maintenance

  • Selecting strong specimens that have good form, well-developed roots and overall vigor

  • Planting with techniques that account for type of soil, water tolerance, grade, root support

Emergency Tree Care

  • Responding to situation where trees are threatening or have downed power lines

  • Assessing storm, soil slide or earthquake damage to trees that may have created hazards

  • Evaluating damage to trees from vehicle accidents or removing tree limbs & trunks that have fallen on cars or homes

"Fine Tree Care is the BEST! Over the past several years I have had Jeff and his crew do several jobs for me. They are not only knowledgeable, but well organized to do the jobs in a timely manner. When they finish a job the area is cleaned up and looks like a park! The equipment Fine Tree Care has is big enough to handle the largest problem tree with ease." ~Marylee Carli