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For more information on tree care, please see our guide Tree Care 101.

Fine Tree Care: Leafy Canopies put stress on tree limbs & even trunks and tree structure should be periodically evaluated for safety as well as health & beauty

Think of Trees as Sails on your Ship ...

Trees are very much like the sails on a sailboat. The taller the tree and broader and denser the leaf area, the greater the effect of wind-force. Leaves respond to light breezes, branches undulate in wind, and entire tree trunks sway in storms. What we don't see is the strain on branch attachments and on root systems.

Leafy and deciduous trees have very different branch systems from conifers and evergreen trees. Even how their branches connect to trunks is not the same. Weight close to the trunk vs. out on a limb determines the strain placed on each branch where it attaches to the trunk. And that leverage effect of sail is something we can fix with pruning.

For us at Fine Tree Care, structure, wood type, leaf development, wind dynamics and harmonics are all part of what we calculate when we shape trees. Our job is to help trees grow strong, beautiful & safe.

High-wind events have caused severe damage throughout Sonoma County since fall. These winds not only topple trees, they sever even healthy branches from their trunks. When limbs break they fall as far as the wind can carry them.

Call Fine Tree Care today for an evaluation of your property. We'll help your trees survive winter storms and high winds so they can thrive when spring arrives.

Heavy winter rains encourage lush growth that branches may not be able to support

Branches are LOADED This Year!

All this rain, after four years of drought, have thirsty trees drinking every drop of water. Roots are feeding nutrients up into branches, and growing larger and heavier leaves. Post-drought resurgence can add 50% more canopy than normal. However, early-season weight is not supported by the woody growth that follows later in the year.

Bigger leaves add weight and sail to branches and cause excessive strain to branch attachments. Trees with no leaves sway in high winds during winter storms, but with heavy leaves and heavier acorns this fall, the risk of branches breaking off is dramatically increased.

Our crews are trained to assess the weight, sail, and leverage effects upon branch attachments. We know where and what to trim to decrease risk while maintaining the natural form, beauty and grace inherent in your trees.

Tree care is not just tree-trimming. We evaluate the total environment in which your tree lives, from root tip branch tip. Whether you need a tree planted or removed, from acorn to stump removal, we take care of it all.

Vegetation management is essential for creating a Defensible Zone around your home

Fire Season scared EVERYONE

Reduce risk NOW before next summer

Whether you live on a forested hill or in a suburban neighborhood, this fall taught everyone that fire finds fuel, especially in high winds.

If you look around your property and see vegetation too close to your house, dead branches in your trees, and not enought Defensible Space between you and your neighbor, it's time to evaluate your fire risk.

This is a good time of year to bring us by to assess the potential for storm damage as well as fire hazard. Winter storms are right around the corner bringing high winds and intense rain.

Because part of our business is vegetation management, we know how humans can live in balance with nature. We evaluate how structures for humans can coexist with habitat for creatures.

Landscaping involves more than creating an attractive yard. Trees provide color, shape, texture, and privacy, but they also influence wind direction and impact.

Call us to learn how we can help reduce fire risk, increase tree health, and clean up your landscape so it is ready for winter storms.

Last winter's heavy rain, after years of drought, encouraged lots of growth on weakened trees. Now is a good time to evaluate the health of your tress to make sure they can handle potential wind and rain in the coming months.

Now is a Good Time to Evaluate your Landscape

Last winter's heavy rain, after years of drought, encouraged lots of growth on weakened trees. Now is a good time to evaluate the health of your tress to make sure they can handle potential wind and rain in the coming months.

Use this guide to help you see for yourself what areas need professional attention. If you have concerns about your trees weathering storms, give us a call to come evaluate what we can do to help your property thrive this winter.

1. Mushrooms on roots | 2. Defect in base of trunk | 3. Painters Fungus on Bay Tree | 4. Ivy on Douglas Fir | 5. Conk Fungus on Douglas Fir | 6. Split tree trunk | 7. Insect nest | 8. Split branch | 9. Bay tree tips dying back | 10. Split top conifer trees | 11. Branches touching roof | 12. Branches near chimney | 13. Dead or re-grown Redwood top | 14. Broken hanging branch | 15. Dead limb with fungus | 16. Canker on Pine tree | 17. Pitch tubes on Pine tree | 18. Soil mound from uprooting | 19. Fallen bark from tree | 20. Sprouts from latent buds | 21. Narrow branching | 22. Previous large pruning cut | 23. Wood dust or borer damage | 24. Black boils from Sudden Oak Death | 25. Improper planting location

“I recently bought a home in Rohnert Park and found that the four trees on the property had been neglected for years. I called numerous tree services who never returned my calls. Jeff, the owner of Fine Tree Care, got right back to me, came to the house and gave me a more-than-fair estimate to fit my budget. Jeff's crew performed work above and beyond the estimate! I am so IMPRESSED with this company! Hard-working professionals who are knowledgeable about trees. They explained in detail what they would be doing to each tree and the reasons why. They also explained how to maintain the trees in the future and the importance of periodic pruning to ensure proper growth and the integrity of the trees. Jeff's crew worked hard the entire day, and left the property immaculate. If you have any tree work that needs to be done, I encourage you to call Fine Tree Care. You will not only be in good hands, you will get the best tree service Sonoma County has to offer.

I am so grateful to have found a tree service that I can rely on and whose work ethics are way above the rest. Thank you again." ~ Wanda Yost