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Fine Tree Care can help with your yard for Spring cleanup

Mother Nature creates Life...we help care for her creations.

Everyone loves spring. Life is bursting out all over, birds are singing in the trees, flowers are blooming everywhere. It doesn’t get any better than this!

It’s also the perfect time to clean up after these winter storms we thought we’d never see this year. All this rain has encouraged new growth on every plant.

Fresh leaves are bursting out, reaching for sun. Now’s a good time to trim away dead and under-producing branches to let light and air reach healthy sprouts.

Mother Nature knows what she’s doing, and she has a lot of work to do. Our mission is to make her job easier while shaping the landscape to meet your needs.

When plant life thrives, so do we. Our trees clean the air we breathe. The healthier they are…the healthier we are. It’s a partnership.

Call Fine Tree Care to help take care of your outdoor spring cleaning. We make it easy for you.

Fine Tree Care recycles tree debris to minimize waste

Trees are Valuable Resources.

We make use of every limb.

There’s an old phrase…Waste Not -Want Not…that’s been around for a long time. Originally it had more to do with scarcity than with environmental awareness. Now that we have come to see the value of natural resources, we strive to find a purpose for what we used to throw away.

When Fine Tree Care removes trees, prunes limbs, and clears brush, we take the time to re-purpose debris into path mulch, firewood, and even lumber.

At this time of year, we’re pruning trees to provide a healthy growth advantage. What we cut can be used to keep you warm next winter.

We’re also getting properties ready for fire season by clearing brush around houses, and trimming trees to prevent fire hazards.

Call Fine Tree Care to get your property ready for summer, and while you’re at it, think about how we can recycle your tree debris.

Fine Tree Care loves bringing out the beauty in every tree

We LOVE what we do.

The luckiest people on earth are those who love getting up every day and heading out to do work they love. We are among those who are blessed with this gift. There’s great pleasure in pruning trees and plants to make them strong and healthy, to bringing light and air to their branches, and to finishing the day proud to have accomplished a job well done.

When we nurture plants, they respond with vigorous growth. It’s pretty rewarding to see that happen!

Right now most plants are in their dormant stage. This is the time of year when you can clearly see the shape of branches for aesthetic pruning.

It’s also time to prune for maximum yield on fruit trees, trim flowering trees for beauty, and prepare plants for spring when they come out of their protective winter sleep.

If it’s been a few years since you’ve had your trees trimmed for health and beauty, bring us by to evaluate what they need. Your property can be dressed for spring so it has a head start going into the growing season.

You might it even find that having us do your pruning gives you time to take some time for yourself instead of spending the weekend doing yard work. Love yourself and your plants… give Fine Tree Care a call.

No Pretty Picture

The Importance of On-going Risk Management for Fire Danger

November 1, 2017

Last year, the Lake County fires had everyone concerned about fire. After a week or two it wasn’t a topic anymore. People forgot.

Sonoma County has now suffered California’s worst fire event in recorded history. Numerous lives have been lost along with the destruction of homes and businesses. Now that it’s over, I can’t help but think that this tragedy may also be quickly forgotten - - again.

Know that the record-setting destruction and loss of life has resulted from the burning of a relatively small portion of the county, and so the fire-fuel conditions and risk have not changed in the remainder of the county.

It is not a matter of IF, but WHEN fire will come, and there are many areas at higher risk for a destructive fire event. If you were nervous about the fires this last month, you may not be adequately prepared.

Fire preparedness is not just about individual effort. Neighbors and neighborhoods must work together to set goals for fire safety based on actual fire science, and take advantage of the latest building materials and techniques.

Neighbors must work collaboratively to get sufficient defensible space. Much information is available on wildfire preparedness. State, County, and Local Fire Experts are available for advice. Please contact them.

Proper vegetation management and evacuation planning help protect our fire fighters and law enforcement officers. This is especially true for the relatively unprotected patrol officers performing their duties during the first chaotic hours of evacuations during an early morning severe wind event.

First Responders truly risk their lives in a wildfire. We need to make their jobs easier and safer if possible. As a pre-fire vegetation management professional, I am called to look at many properties all over the county. My assessment is that we are not ready for another large fire event in most wildland-urban interface areas.

I am gravely concerned for the many hillside and canyon residents who haven’t done anything, or enough, for themselves (or their renters), the neighbors, and alongside the access roads leading to and from their homes. Please seek qualified advice, build community cooperation, and improve your neighborhood preparedness.

We at Fine Tree Care are going to keep talking with you about disaster planning and pre-fire vegetation management, fire resistant vents and construction materials, and the arrangement of flammable items around the home.

We will not give up. We will not forget.

Jeff Rebischung

Owner, Fine Tree Care

"Fine Tree Care knows the science of trees. They are very thorough and professional in how they do their work. I liked that they were easy to work with & friendly." ~ Jackie L