Customer Review

Honest, Direct & Good Attention to Detail

When I moved to Occidental 30 years ago, my house had a sunny southern exposure, surrounded by beautiful redwood groves. Over the years, the growth of the trees, though subtle, encroached on both my view and sun. Recently, when I decided to install a solar system, I realized that most of my sun exposure was blocked by the trees. So I called Jeff Rebischung at Fine Tree Care.

Jeff impressed me with his honesty, directness and attention to detail. Jeff is extremely professional and knowledgeable about forestry practices. His advice about which trees to remove reflected his care for the land and my needs for the project I had planned. Also his concerns and expertise about erosion control during and after the cutting impressed me. The difference in readings by the solar company before and after tree removal was astounding!

Futhermore, I feel a lot safer having overhanging limbs and close trees removed as well. It was a good preventative strategy in this time of severe fire danger.

Jeff and his crew were always punctual, polite and willing to do way more than they contracted for. Doing a good job, safely, seems to be their major goal. I liked that I was always able to reach Jeff whenever I had any questions or requests, and felt that Jeff provided extra special personal service. You can count on Fine Tree Care to provide excellent service and to follow through on everything they propose and more.”

~ Merilee Murphy, Occidental, CA