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The Bennett Valley Cemetary Association

The neglected grove of century old oak trees at Sonoma County's # 39 Landmark Bennett Valley Pioneer Cemetery were finally giving up the 'ghost'....

After four years of drought, and brought on by recent rain and wind storms, huge oak limbs were falling next to 160 year old headstones and across pedestrian pathways. Our small non-profit, volunteer association comprised mainly of elderly Bennett Valley Pioneer family members needed help.

At a time when most tree care providers are at their peak season and unavailable, Jeff Rebischung at Fine Tree Care volunteered a full day of a professional crew and equipment to not only complete the emergency triage pruning but also cleanup the entire perimeter of the cemetery.

Bennett Valley Grange members chose Fine Tree Care

This is the second time that the Fine Tree Care crew has volunteered a full day to prune and cleanup the cemetery.

We appreciate the professionalism and community involvement provided by Fine Tree Care, and highly recommend their services.

~ The Trustees, Bennett Valley Cemetery Association

Forestville Planning Association

The above photo shows the detail of the wonderfully designed benches. In the background, you can see the whole bench. Photo by Patricia Brunelle

Beautiful New Benches in the Town Square/Park

Check out the new benches in the Town Square. Thanks to Jeff Rebischung and Fine Tree Care, four split log benches were in place for the Celebrate Community event.

They are great places to sit with a cup of Roasters coffee, nibble on a warm baguette from Nightingale Breads, and enjoy the views and ambience of this beautiful spot.

~ Richard Naegle, Forestville Planning Association