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Fire Safety

Fire Safety

Wildfires are part of life in the west and fire safety is always a priority. The dry conditions in our summers combined with lots of fuel in the landscape help create unpredictable, dangerous burns that can cover many acres.

Create a defensible space to protect your property from wildfire. Join with your neighbors to make a plan so that all are better protected. We're ready to help. Contact us if you're interested in a professional fire safety evaluation and customized vegetation management plan.

Remove Dead Trees to Reduce Fuel for Wild Fires

Review Fire Safety Checklist

  • Remove dead trees and bushes

  • Thin trees and brush; raise canopies to 6' from the ground

  • Remove trimmings, leaves & other combustible debris

  • Clear vegetation around fire hydrants, cisterns, propane tanks, and buildings

  • Clear roof and gutters of leaves and debris

  • Remove branches overhanging chimney and roof

  • Stack firewood uphill or on a contour away from the home

Creating Safety Zones for Fire Protection

Protect Buildings

  • Use noncombustible roof materials

  • Place shutters, fire curtains or heavy drapes on windows

  • Place screens on foundation and eave vents

  • Enclose sides of stilt foundations and decks

  • Use a chimney screen or spark arrester

  • Maintain a defensible zone around your home & buildings

Be Visible & Prepared

  • Post address signs that are clearly visible from the street or road

  • Make sure an outdoor water supply is available, with hose, nozzle and pump

  • Have fire tools, ladder and fire extinguishers available

  • Check that your driveway is wide enough for fire trucks and equipment.

"I'm just about to call Fine Tree Care again, because I liked what they did so much. Jeff was very good, because he helped me figure out how to do all that I needed and wanted done. He worked with me, so that I could afford the cost of the whole project. They are very professional, and they stand by their work. I trust them and I like their easy, friendly nature." ~Michael G.