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For more information on tree care, please see our guide Tree Care 101.

People Living in Balance with Nature

There are few places on earth more GREEN than Sonoma County. Environmental consciousness permeates our lives from the products we purchase to the services we hire. We want you to think of Fine Tree Care as your partner in creating a natural environment that enhances the benefits we derive from the trees around us.

  • Trees convert Carbon Dioxide, and other gases, into clean Oxygen while trapping dust & dirt.

  • Loud sounds like traffic, barking dogs and playing children are softened by "living fences" of bushes & trees.

  • Deciduous trees can be trimmed for solar panel exposure while maintaining cooling shade in summer for energy efficiency.

From pruning your fruit trees for greater yields, to shaping your landscape trees for healthy growth and beauty. Fine Tree Care can help you create an outdoor living space that benefits both you and the critters with whom we share our lives.

Fine Tree Care can help with preparing their trees for Winter storms

Getting the Hint yet?

Take a Look around you…it’s time to get ready for winter!

With every cold night, you get reminded that there’s a list a mile long of yard work you didn’t get accomplished during summer. In other climates, it rains throughout the year. Our dry summers provide respite from thinking about clean gutters, water run-off, falling branches from trees, etc. Lucky us…until now.

Get out that pad and pencil, it’s time to make a list!

Fine Tree Care can do some of your chore list. In fact, we can come by to tell you what WE can do, so you know what YOU need to do.

Now you know what’s on your list...give Fine Tree Care a call so we can do the rest. If you want to do some now, and some later, we offer a rainy weather discount for people who pre-schedule winter work.

THE LIST of Things to Do:

  • Cut branches away from house: chimney, roof and where they brush against the siding.

  • Clear drainage ditches and run-off swales for heavy rain

  • Examine trees for dead branches that could fall in high winds

  • Call Fine Tree Care

Now you know what’s on your list...give Fine Tree Care a call so we can do the rest. If you want to do some now, and some later, we offer a rainy weather discount for people who pre-schedule winter work.

Fine Tree Care prunes fruit trees for maximum yield

When it's COLD...it's Time to Prune!

With the trend of food gardens replacing ornamental landscaping, more people are planting fruit trees instead of flower gardens. Fruit bearing plants go dormant in winter…then burst with buds in spring. Pruning for yield encourages larger, healthier fruit by concentrating nourishment.

It takes time for young trees to develop, so pruning as they form helps create strong branches for heavy fruit. And when harvests are too bountiful, donating extra fruit to food banks benefits our community.

Fruit bearing trees not only provide food, they create privacy when in bloom and full leaf. Planted as borders on your property, they add beauty, shade, and habitat benefits.

Our crews are trained to prune for light, air and healthy growth, whether it’s a fruit bearing tree or ornamental. All trees benefit from careful pruning so branches grow strong to survive heavy wind.

Deciduous trees make it easy for us to see branch structure this time of year. It’s the perfect time to take care of trees that will soon be budding leaves in spring.

Whether you have fruit trees or trees you want formed for strength and beauty, our crews will take care of your investment. These bright winter days are encouraging bud growth right now, so bring us out to prune before spring bursts forth with fresh, new growth.

Fine Tree Care - In Balance with Nature™

We're part of an Ecosystem

When we pull back to look at the Big Picture, we see our part in a very large and complex system. It starts in our own yard, but connects to the yard next to us, to the neighborhood, to our town and beyond across Sonoma County.

Like humans that interact and function as a community, plants and critters depend upon each other’s role for survival. Worms in the soil fertilize plants, but also provide food for birds. Water sustains all forms of life, and plants clean the air we breathe.

Maintaining that system takes time and attention with respect for what nurtures and what harms the elements. Because humans have so much impact, we also have responsibility.

With our lives so full of work and family obligations, going beyond routine maintenance can be more than we have time to care for. Even the most environmentally aware people find it difficult to live up to their own standards.

That’s where Fine Tree Care comes in. We look at your Big Picture to see what needs our attention so the system can thrive. We're a tree service that knows what role each tree plays in sun and shade, shelter and habitat.

As days warm and trees fill out to full leaf, bring us by to evaluate what your yard needs to provide a healthy environment for all life.

"I retained the services of Fine Tree Care because my client’s property required significant restoration and I needed a company with the skills and equipment required for the complexity of this job.

Their crew is truly amazing. They are “Old School” which is just about the highest complement I could give anybody. They all worked nonstop from the time they arrived until the job was completed. What they accomplished was remarkable.

They are a team who refuse to quit or slow down no matter how exhausted. They work together like a fine-tuned orchestra, and exude confidence and integrity with their work ethic. On top of that, these guys are well spoken, gracious, and outgoing.

No wonder they have such great repeat business!" ~ Nan Hall, Occidental