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Happy Holidays to all from Fine Tree Care

Happy Holidays!!

This is a spectacular time of year when people are feeling kind and generous. Old Saint Nicholas set the precedent for generosity a very long time ago, and people have taken his message and flown with it. Personal gifts to people we care about, and financial gifts to organizations who do good work, are flowing right now.

At Fine Tree Care, we encourage you to give to organizations that keep Sonoma County strong and healthy…from environmental groups who protect our forests and watersheds, to organizations that feed people and take care of families in need…they need our support.

Sonoma County residents are a family, and its land is our home. When we think this way, we take better care of what is precious to us.

Our job is to nurture trees and eco­systems. Fine Tree Care crews are trained to know how to keep trees healthy, to respect laws designed to protect watersheds, rivers, lakes and land, and to place the needs of our clients at the top of our priorities.

As we head into another year, we hope that you will choose us to be your tree service. Please call when you need a service provider who respects nature.

Winter is a great time to prune--when the limb structure is most visible

Season's Greetings to ALL!

This time of year is rather magical, and perhaps that’s why so many religions of our world celebrate in these darkest days of the year. One year ends & another begins as daylight shortens, then starts to grow into longer days.

Throughout our natural world creatures and plants go dormant to save energy for spring’s birth & growth. It’s a wonderful time of year to gather close, stay warm and review last year before we ponder goals and aspirations.

At Fine Tree Care winter is magical for us as well. Being able to examine branch health and structure in full light is a once-a-year opportunity. We can SEE how to enhance trees with pruning.

Now is the time to trim trees for strength against high winds, and direct new growth for when sap rises in spring. This is especially beneficial for fruit-bearing trees.

We’re heading into winter weather, so think about scheduling us to look at your trees before intense storms take out branches that could have been saved with proper trimming.

High winds combined with rain make branches heavy, especially for evergreens. Soggy soil loosens roots so trees fall over. We’re here for your trees all year long, and if you need us in an emergency - just call. Our crews will take care of you and your trees!

Mistletoe can hide signs of disease & sap the life of trees

Mistletoe is NOT Romantic!

We all know the tradition of stealing kisses underneath Mistletoe at Christmas, but did you know this parasite is literally sucking the life out of the tree it lives on? Mistletoe can multiply quickly & spread from tree to tree. Don’t let this happen!

There’s nothing romantic about being slowly drained of your life force, but that’s what Mistletoe does to its host.

Trees take a long time to grow and often a long time to die. The longer you wait to get rid of parasites, the weaker your tree becomes. It’s a lot like cancer...it spreads through the body of a tree, showing up in new places until it irreparably weakens its host.

Mistletoe grows roots deep into limbs, robbing moisture and nutrients, and spreads by birds depositing seeds on branches. Eventually it will take over a tree and kill it.

Pretty, but damaging, climbing ivy can indicate a weak tree and hide problems such as indications of rot and disease. As the ivy grows stronger, it overwhelms the tree.

Mistletoe and ivy are rampant in Sonoma County. NOW is the time when you can SEE clumps up high, and ivy taking over trunks & limbs.

Cutting out mistletoe and clearing ivy off trunks will SAVE YOUR TREES.

Give us a call to assess your current infestation, and to help prevent further damage.

Getting ready for winter means a careful survey of your trees and landscape

Time to Get READY for Winter

Look for potentially hazardous conditions before winds trim your trees for you...

Be Prepared...If you've lived in Sonoma County for a while, you know that winters have a broad range of weather conditions from bright sunny days to weeks of intensely heavy wind and rain.

Like all critters who can feel the chill in the air and see days getting shorter, we know it's time to take a look around to see what needs to be done outdoors, before we tuck ourselves safely indoors for long winter days.

Take a look at the illustration above to spot potential hazards that could cause damage or injury, a power and communications outage, or block access to and from your home.

Trained to See...Fine Tree Care employees are trained to see what you might miss. Our attention to detail goes beyond a routine inspection to evaluating how to achieve an aesthetic solution to a practical problem.

Call us for an estimate to take care of your immediate needs. You can also pre-book work during winter to take advantage of our wet-weather discount, or schedule your landscape and fruit tree pruning for spring.

"Jeff Rebischung has a high business ethic. He is very concerned about doing quality work for a reasonable price and ensuring that the customer is satisfied with the work. Fine Tree Care does excellent work and a thorough clean-up. What stands out most is his commitment to being fair and having a strong dedication to maintaining a good reputation by doing what he says he will do. He is true to his word." ~ Tom S.