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For more information on tree care, please see our guide Tree Care 101.

Fine Tree Care demonstrates old-fashioned values in providing care & service

Old Fashioned Values in Modern Times

It's an Attitude and Value System ... not a Place in Time.

"People talk about the "Good Old Days" as if it were something in the

past.. .I'm here to say it still exists with Fine Tree Care." ~ Jim Hakel

"My wife and I hired Fine Tree Care to perform tree pruning and landscape maintenance. We were impressed from start to finish. Plain and simple, these guys have the old fashioned values of quality work and great service.

When Jeff Rebischung (the owner) came to the house to look things over, he took the time to understand what we really wanted. He balanced our needs with the trees' growth requirements.

His crew performed every detail on the contract and work order. And we were both impressed with how amiable and well-trained these guys were.

I know a good contractor when I see one. I have been a commander in the military, operated my own business for over 20 years, have earned the Professional Superintendent Award in the construction industry, and I'm currently in charge of building the Graton Fire House. Best of all, my wife was entirely pleased, so we plan to have Fine Tree Care return for all our tree service needs in the future."

When you think of taking care of your trees as taking care of your family, it moves up your priority list.

It's that Time of Year when we gather 'round with those we love.

Giving Thanks and expressing gratitude for what is most important to us is one of the many reasons this time of year makes us feel warm ... even when it's cold outside. We take the time to appreciate our family & friends.

Most people put family at the top of their priority list. These are the people with whom we share life. We take care of them...they take care of us.

One of the ways we care for our loved ones is through maintaining our homes, vehicles and lives. We make sure tires have sufficient tread for rainy weather and our cars are in good shape so they don't break down during a stormy commute.

At Fine Tree Care our task is to keep trees from falling on your home, your car, and of course...your family.

When you think of taking care of your trees as taking care of your family, it moves up your priority list. Walk around your house and look at your trees. Are they healthy & strong or do they have branches ready to crash down in heavy winds. It's our job to keep that from happening.

Give us a call. We'll come out and tell you what needs to be done to keep the worry out of winter.

Fine Tree Care: We'll get your property ready for winter so you can feel safe & secure.

It's Time to Get Ready for Winter

Take a look out your window ... you know it's coming.

Squirrels* began gathering acorns early, before they started falling from trees! Leaves have been littering the ground and gathering in gutters for weeks. Nights are getting chilly. These are all signs that it's time to prepare for cold, wind and rain.

Take a Signal from Nature... call Fine Tree Care

We'll get your property ready for winter so you can feel safe & secure. You'll have to gather your own acorns, however.

*There are 15 squirrels in this image ... can you find them all?

Take a look out your window... winter storms are on the way

We are still in a La Nina cycle, which is supposed to last until Spring 2011. This winter, the jet stream is forecast to stay well north, causing an increase of winter storms in Northern California. The long range forecast for Sonoma County calls for wild swings from warm to cold conditions with unpredictable storms from the north.

Most trees slow down or go dormant in winter so now is the time for pruning. Young fruit & landscape trees require pruning for structure and long-term health. Many older trees have not received much care, so they are especially in need of safety pruning before storm season. Go outside, look up and around your yard, then call Fine Tree Care.


Call Fine Tree Care to inspect your property and give you an estimate of what it will take to make you feel secure as we head into winter storm season.

Property Managers, Vacation Home & Vacation Rental Owners

We provide full-service all winter long. Talk to us about what we can do to maintain your peace of mind.

We're confident that our crew will impress you with their knowledge, skills and professionalism.... call Fine Tree Care

We'll do the job the way you want it done.

"I thought that Fine Tree Care was very professional, knowledgeable, and competent in what they did for me. The person I dealt with the most, Jeff, the owner, was very friendly, helpful, and polite. He seemed interested and cared about what I wanted done. I liked best that they were so polite, easy to work with, and that they got the job done correctly without problems. I thought they were very respectful of my property, and they cleaned up well." ~ Cindy B.