Vineyard Boundaries

Your vineyard boundaries are an important part of your property and have a huge influence on the health of your vines. As a windbreak, boundary trees can minimize the spread of airborne pests and molds. At the same time, too many trees and overgrowth can inhibit sunlight and slow the development of healthy fruit. Often there are view concerns as well. Too many trees; or trees that have grown too tall can detract from views that increase the value of your property. Once again though, over pruning and aggressive removal can destroy the privacy barriers that protect your property. At Fine Tree Care we can help you design a vegetation management plan that balances out your needs and promotes healthy trees at the same time.

We can also spread wood chips on your tractor rows to control dust and weeds. Another quality control effort we can perform is the removal of eucalyptus trees that can taint the flavor of your grapes.

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