View Restoration Tree Services

Through a combination of manipulating crown shape and size as well as the possible thinning of unwanted trees and brush, view restoration is achieved through careful deliberation. Many things have to be taken into account prior to opening up a view.

Soil conditions and erosion control often dictate which trees can safely be removed. The preservation of heritage trees or other native species should also be considered. A good plan will take into account which remaining plants will take advantage of newly created sunlight and exhibit accelerated growth in these areas. Also, there is a balance to maintain between opening up vistas and maintaining privacy and wind breaks. Remember too, that opening a view can decrease shade and cause more intense sun exposure during summer months.

All vista enhancement efforts should be practical in the sense of the how much work is done in proportion to the quality of the result. There is not much to be gained by removing a tree just to reveal another tree a little further away. Also, creating small openings will only give limited views from select positions. In some cases this may be desirable while in others it may not be worth the effort and expense.

Fine Tree Care can assist you in designing the best view for your circumstances. We will help you discover the best possible results, for now and for the future.

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Solar Enhancement Tree Services

Solar panels require the maximum amount of light possible. Even small amounts of shade are detrimental to the production of electrical power. There is no getting around it; producing a justifiable amount of power requires almost 100% sunlight six to eight hours a day. If you live under the redwoods, your chances are not very good of collecting enough sunlight to make a solar system workable.

On the other hand, if you have a wide open space that is close to being solar-ready, we can help you achieve your goal. Pruning back and shaping trees to get rid of shady areas on your solar array is a cost effective solution. Even the latest panels that adjust to combat the loss of light in limited areas can realize significant improvement by eliminating shade producing vegetation. If it is unavoidable, the removal of a few select trees may have an attractive return on investment.

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