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Fine Tree Care can answer your tree care questions and help you design a long term plan for all the trees on your property. The best results always come from plans that account for all the variables of each unique location. The amount available of sunlight, water, and soil conditions will control how well a species will do in a given area. The amount of available space, typical weather patterns, and property usage all come into play. The long term desired results will control how a species is pruned; how tall, wide, or dense it grows. Of course, the ultimate factor is how you want the property to look and feel when the trees mature. We can help you plan a landscape that fits your dreams and adds value to your property.

We encourage the use of native species but the right exotics can add drama, depth and balance. Seasonal color should be contemplated as well as view-framing at different times of the year. Other considerations may include gardens, lawns, pools, solar panels, privacy, and curb appeal. Overhead wires and underground services also play a big part in tree planning.

The old saying "a stitch in time saves nine" certainly applies to tree care. You can save a lot of money over the years by implementing a long-term plan now. That three foot high bay laurel beside the back door could grow to be over eighty feet high in fifteen years. Today it would cost a few dollars to remove it, in fifteen years it could cost up to three thousand dollars to remove it and excavate the stump. Fine Tree Care can help you asses your current inventory of trees and plan for a healthy affordable future that meets all your requirements.

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