Licensed Timber Operator

Area of Service: Sonoma County

In order to log on private land in California you must hold a State issued Timber Operators License (the state refers to loggers as licensed timber operators). To get this license, first time applicants must attend a two day training session on the Forest Practices laws and regulations given by the California Department Of Forestry and Fire Protection, show proof that they have 3,000 hours of experience in at least two of the jobs involved in logging and show proof that they have a minimum of $1,000,000 in liability insurance coverage. Once you're licensed you must then have the following operating plans:

  1. A functioning Illness and Injury Prevention Program (safety plan)
  2. A Hearing Conservation plan for your employees
  3. A Hazardous Substance Communication Plan if you store and use hazardous substances such as diesel, lubricating oils, hydraulic fluids and similar materials common to logging.
  4. A Emergency Response Plan in the event you have an emergency such as a fire or spill that involves the hazardous substances you use.

In addition to the operating plans a logger must also carry workers compensation insurance on any employees and of course meet any statutory and regulatory requirements related to the employee compensation, Unemployment Insurance etc.

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