Hazard Tree Assessment, Report and Removal

A Hazard Tree is a tree with structural defects likely to cause failure of all or part of the tree, which could strike people, pets, or property. Any dead or rotting tree should be considered a hazard, as should any tree leaning too far in a single direction, especially where it dangerously interferes with vehicle traffic, human access, wiring, living areas, or property.

It should be noted that a dead tree can remain standing intact for a long time and still be quite dangerous. If surrounding trees are pruned or removed, it can cause an increased wind exposure on the dead tree and cause it to fall sooner. The longer a tree is dead, the more unpredictable it becomes. As the core rots, the tree becomes more difficult to remove safely. Climbing a dead tree to remove the top portions can become prohibitively dangerous. Felling such a tree can also become an extremely unpredictable and dangerous activity.

If you suspect a tree is sick or dying, it is wise to investigate immediately. The sooner the tree is diagnosed, the better the chances for successful treatment whether it is due to insect infestation, fungal attack or other disease, early treatment is always best.

Fine Tree Care can consult with you and arrange for the treatment of your tree, or demolish it if that is required. We are experts at removing dangerous trees and limbs in a safe and professional manner and have the proper insurance to engage in this kind of tree work.

Contact Fine Tree Care for a hazard tree assessment or removal.

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