Estate Restoration & Maintenance

Caring for a neglected property can be an overwhelming project. Once landscaping is out of control, returning it to proper form can be a huge undertaking. Fine Tree Care can bring your project down to a manageable size put you in control of your property.

We can take an overgrown "jungle" and turn it into a park-like space with balanced aesthetic values and pleasing vistas using a collaborative approach that keeps you in charge.

With ten years of experience in Sonoma County we are familiar with a wide array of plants and trees and how to help them grow into healthy manageable landscapes.

From large tree demolition and removal down to detailed clean-up, we do it all. Stumps can be excavated and the holes filled in, limbs can be removed to increase sunlight and promote healthy growth. Ornamental trees can be finely pruned, tall grass cut, shrubs trimmed – you name it.

Overgrown choked vistas can be returned to their previous glory and a sense of balance restored to ungainly areas. We are happy to work with you to get the results you desire.

Contact Fine Tree Care to restore your estate landscaping.

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