Fine Tree Care has the expertise and local experience to provide Sonoma County required reports and plans, including:

County Required Vegetation Management

Wildland Urban Interface Defensible Space Plan (WUI)

Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP)

Arborist Reports

An Arborist Report identifies the species, size and condition of tree(s), provides reasons for any proposed pruning or removal, and describes tree protection measures or other mitigating activities to be implemented. It should detail specific and accurate information about the tree(s) in question including location, condition, structural integrity, life expectancy, disease, infestations and vigor. It also identifies the nature of the tree work to be undertaken and appropriate protection.

The Arborist Report may include:

  • a summary of arboricultural evaluation methods used to catalogue and assess the tree(s)
  • the date and time of site inspections conducted to facilitate completion of the report
  • descriptions of the tree(s) identified on the Arborist Report drawing (linked to the drawing and the corresponding tree identification numbers and tags*) including: species (scientific and common name), size (DBH), health (a general rating of poor, fair or good based on tree age, presence of disease, canopy structure, proportion of live wood, etc.), condition (a general rating of poor, fair or good based on the presence of cavities, decay, broken limbs/trunk, lean, root damage, form, etc.)
  • a recommendation as to whether each tree or grouping of trees identified on the drawing should be preserved, removed or transplanted and the reason for each recommendation
  • recommendations for the maintenance and manageĀ¬ment of trees to be preserved (i.e. required pruning, fertilization or cable work)

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Hazard Tree Reports

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