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Fine Tree Care continues to grow primarily through the referrals of our clients. We are proud to have so many happy and satisfied clients across Sonoma County. If you are a client of ours and wish to provide us a testimonial, please email info@sonomatree.com

“I needed SUN for my solar panels, so I called Fine Tree Care...”

“When I moved to Occidental 30 years ago, my house had a sunny southern exposure, surrounded by beautiful redwood groves. Over the years, the growth of the trees, though subtle, encroached on both my view and sun. Recently, when I decided to install a solar system, I realized that most of my sun exposure was blocked by the trees. So I called Jeff Rebischung at Fine Tree Care.

Jeff impressed me with his honesty, directness and attention to detail. Jeff is extremely professional and knowledgeable about forestry practices. His advice about which trees to remove reflected his care for the land and my needs for the project I had planned. Also his concerns and expertise about erosion control during and after the cutting impressed me. The difference in readings by the solar company before and after tree removal was astounding!

Futhermore, I feel a lot safer having overhanging limbs and close trees removed as well. It was a good preventative strategy in this time of severe fire danger.

Jeff and his crew were always punctual, polite and willing to do way more than they contracted for. Doing a good job, safely, seems to be their major goal. I liked that I was always able to reach Jeff whenever I had any questions or requests, and felt that Jeff provided extra special personal service. You can count on Fine Tree Care to provide excellent service and to follow through on everything they propose and more.”

- Merilee Murphy, Occidental, CA


“These guys are the best service providers I have ever run into, and that includes the south bay area!”

“I recently moved back to Sonoma County and purchased an acre of heaven here in Sebastopol after working in the South bay area for 37 years. After such a long hiatus I needed referrals from my family and local friends which are much appreciated. My best referral yet was Jeff Rebischung from Fine Tree Care who was referred from a very well known and respected area gardening teacher.

Jeff is a professional rarely seen in ANY industry. Jeff returned my call and arranged to meet with Ron and me at a convenient time for us, which happened to be the weekend given our professional commitments. Jeff promptly e-mailed us a written estimate along with a copy of his license and insurance. Jeff and his crew arrived on the time and date specified whereupon Jeff took at least 45 minutes to walk the property and discuss the written work order with his employees so that they understood what had to be done. In doing this, Jeff accurately conveyed our needs to the crew and ensured everything would go smoothly, which it did!

In talking further with Jeff (he is almost always personally on site) I learned that Jeff does a remarkable job of creating a professional work culture for his employees which is readily apparent, and the reason we enjoyed such a positive experience. The employees of Fine Tree Care are genuinely good people for starters; they are bright, sociable, well trained, hard working, and seem dedicated to quality in everything they do.

These guys are the best service providers I have ever run into, and that includes the south bay area!

Recently, Jeff had 142 applicants for crew positions. He found only one suitable employee who fit his unwavering professional parameters. Once chosen for consideration based upon specific positive qualities, the applicant is interviewed by each member of Jeff’s crew to determine if they are a suitable candidate, and evaluate if they will fit as an integral part of the team. If every member is in agreement, the applicant must then pass a drug test before undergoing an extensive background check which often takes more than a month to complete. THIS IS A REMARKABLE HIRING PROCESS AND ONE THAT I TRULY APPRECIATE AS A CLIENT! With Jeff and his crew I never have to worry about my family’s safety or my peace of mind.

The job Jeff and his crew performed on the property was truly amazing and his price was extremely reasonable. There are no surprises when it comes time to pay the bill, except sometimes when he actually charges less than the agreed amount because the job didn’t take as long as anticipated! This is unheard of in his industry!

I still have property in the Santa Cruz Mountains and have used tree services quite a bit in the last 30 years. The next time I need tree work, I will have Jeff’s crew travel to do the job; they are just that good – reliable and honest to a fault!

I will also be hiring Jeff and his crews to help me clean up the grounds of a large home I will be selling in Santa Rosa later this year. You MUST use this man’s services, or you are just not using the very BEST!”

- Theresa Martinelli-Jones & Ron Anderson, Sebastopol, CA


“We highly recommend Jeff and his crew”

“Throughout the last five years we have repeatedly enlisted the services of Fine Tree Care operated by Jeff Rebischung. Jeff and his crews have worked on our vineyard in Sonoma county and our home in Los Altos and their work is consistently outstanding. They have worked on everything from 5-foot Junipers to 100- foot Eucalyptus trees.

From the outset, Jeff and his crews were dedicated to helping us realize our vision of a country estate and vineyard, and we have come to trust him completely. They complete their work on time, on cost, and completely free of concern or supervision. This is a rare quality these days. In fact, we have one of his crews at our property in Los Altos for one week each year, and they always stay in our home.

Just take one look at Jeff and his crew and you will understand how this is possible. They are honest and reliable - actually hand picked for their character, abilities, and attention to detail. They really do care about their clients. We were amazed to see them lay down protective material on our lawn to minimize damage to grass.

We recommend Fine Tree Care without reservation to anyone who has need of tree services, especially if you need a service provider who can trust to complete the work in your absence. We trust in Jeff completely and recommend his business to others.”

- Mike and Lynn Rossman, Tanuda Ridge Vineyard


“We totally trust Fine Tree Care...”

“Saws whirr and sawdust swirls in the air right now as I write this letter about Fine Tree Care with Jeff Rebischung at the helm... excitement as well as we await the transformation. This is the second time Fine Tree Care has been out to our property. The first was to create a fire-safe perimeter and this time to cut down a diseased and dangerously situated Douglas Fir.

We are artists, living in a quiet sanctuary and we have much anxiety when big projects like this become necessary. First of all, the intrusion into private space and second, the danger involved with our house being so close to the trees. It's very emotional for us to make a decision about cutting down a huge tree.

Jeff along with his wonderful, talented, and respectful crew made this experience a virtual art project. We totally trust them to be safe. They have the knowledge, skill, focus and all the right equipment. They are quiet, no loud shouting and swearing like some others we have used in the past. The crew is so positive and happy. They are efficient, capable and work as a finely honed team.

I was just out taking pictures of them at work. I feel comfortable, safe, happy and inspired by the entire experience. Jeff Rebischung is one of those people for who love of, and devotion to, his craft equals Quality, in himself and in his work with his teammates.”

- Lynne Kasuba, Occidental, CA


“What use is a home crushed by trees...what price peace of mind?”

“In the fall of 2008 I was fortunate enough to purchase a house in beautiful Forestville. The property needed extensive renovations; a huge priority was the tree work in the yard. There are several varieties of oak, all characters in their own right, but nonetheless posing a huge risk to the house, garage, and our vehicles. I was adamant that none of the trees should be felled, but wanted them made safe after years of neglect. This is where Jeff and the guys of Fine Tree Care came in.

I have known Jeff for several years and have consistently seen the quality of his work. When he came to my property, we discussed the job, he talked me through it and gave me several options. True to his word, not a tree was lost; all were made safe by removing limbs overhanging the structures, and trimming to give them the best chance of a healthy life. Some limbs had 60-80 lb. balls of mistletoe removed in order to make them safe. This was a painstaking task but well worth the time taken.

About two weeks later we had a couple of stormy days with high winds, nothing fell and no damage was incurred, I believe this was a testament to Jeff and his crews' knowledge of trees. In spring of this year, the trees flourished with new growth and a healthy shape.

I feel employing Jeff's services was money well spent for the trees, property, and first and foremost, the safety of my family. So much so, that I recommend him to my own customers. It is incredibly important to me that if I give a referral to a client, I can be assured they will be happy. That has always been the case when I have referred Jeff.”

- Richard Coyston, Forestville, CA


“My favorite part was walking around my property with Jeff, making decisions about my trees.”

“I talked with Jeff about what I wanted and he marked the trees. When they all showed up the next week, Jeff performed a thorough crew briefing and then they all went straight to work. Three guys started climbing in the trees and one went up in a bucket truck over the house. Jeff's guys really knew what they were doing. Before I knew it, SIX chainsaws started up and trees and branches began falling in orchestrated order all around the property like I've never seen before – it was cool!

Jeff was around nearly the entire day to make sure the job went well, and to ensure my property was as clean and tidy as when they arrived. In short, I was very pleased with the entire operation and would recommend Jeff and his guys to anybody.”

- Bo Bryant, Owner of People's Music, Sebastopol, CA


“Pre-Planning with Jeff's help was a real benefit to our building plans...”

“Dear Jeff,

First and foremost, thank you for your continuous patience as we navigated our respective interviews prior to retaining your services. Your generosity up front, to meet with us, to walk our property and to introduce us to your crew was a personable approach.

Since we purchased our 10 acre parcel in Healdsburg, it has been our dream to design and build our home, a sanctuary for ourselves, family, friends and acquaintances. Although visual by nature given our design profession, it was painstakingly difficult for us to imagine and visualize the finished result given the need to zero in and out, to see the forest for the individual trees; you were very instrumental in helping us navigate that delicate balance of the practical aspect of fire mitigation, while preserving the vegetation that makes the property so inviting.

Sensitive to the placement of our design, it was our desire to honor the existing landscape and to improve upon the breathtaking "vignettes" of the rolling hills and vineyards that frame multiple views, whether watching the sun rise or set, and everything in between. We are especially grateful for your counsel on improving these views and for selecting various trees as focal points, whether it was the exquisite colors offered by the mature madrones, or improving the light quality upon an oak tree so that it will begin to flourish over time.

As we now prepare to build our home, it's clear that this exercise up front was instrumental in sighting the house and the subsequent design of the landscaped areas we wish to occupy when outdoors. Alas, the refining effort shall be a long-term project, but it will offer us continuous enjoyment as we cultivate the landscape, shaping the experience of our guests for years to come. No doubt, you will have your hands in this as well; we look forward to a long-term relationship with Fine Tree Care.”

- Alan Aurich and Jonathan Pearlman, Elevation Architects


“Too close for comfort requires precision & skill... thank you!”

“Recently, I needed to have a 150 foot Douglas Fir removed due to falling limbs damaging the roof of my home. The tree being on my neighbors property and only a few feet from either of our homes, I knew it would have to be done with knowledge and care.

I was looking for a third bid on the job and was getting ready to look in the yellow pages when I happened to pull out an older copy of the Gazette from a stack of papers. I couldn't miss this ad on the back. It was fate.

I had already contacted 2 services with which I had past experience. Over the years I have used a few different tree services for limbing and removing large fir and redwood trees on my property. Though I have never had any nightmare stories, I never had the level of professionalism I experienced with Jeff and the crew of Fine Tree Care.

As a Realtor and professional, I found it very refreshing to work with someone who's main concern is safety, protection of the area impacted by the work, and customer satisfaction.

From my initial meeting with Jeff through the completion of the job, I felt confident, well informed, and at ease, with him and his crew, taking on this tricky and potentially disastrous job. There is no question in my mind, the next time I need a tree service Jeff and Fine Tree Care will be the one.”

- Rick Jewell, West County Resident & Realtor


“Our Cabin in the Woods needed some attention...”

“Jeff... I know I said I was going to write a testimonial - I have several versions with cute and catchy openings - but none of them really say what I want to say, which is: I really enjoyed meeting you. Doing business with you was a joy. There were no surprises... you always responded immediately to calls or emails, showed up when you said you would, completed the work and left no footprint on the property. The topper to it all was that you quoted me the maximum charge (which I assumed was what it would cost) and then when the work was complete, you asked for less because you finished earlier than you anticipated! You asked me if this had ever happened to me before - being charged less than the quote - and the answer is, "never!".

The entire experience of dealing with you and your crew made me smile. Thank you!

The offer stands that if you and the crew are looking for a place to jump in the river some hot summer day, don't hesitate to call.”

- John Gruenwald / Catherine Nakamura, Forestville, CA


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